Kimono Dress

Kimono Dress

Pattern: Simplicity 4072
Size Made: 10 – 14
Fabric: Polyester

Oh Threads, another great pattern from you. It went together ok I guess, but I got really hung up on the midriff band and the directions on how to attach the facing. Made no sense at all, so I omitted it, but I might sew it in my hand if I change my mind. Not only did that bother me, but the ties were made in the most inefficient and time-consuming way possible: hey, let’s press and turn under 1/4″ seam allowance along all the edges and stitch them down. Wtf? It would have been much better to sew two tie pieces together RSF, turn the tie right side out and voila. The tie would be done. And I should have altered the pattern to raise the neckline since it’s a bit revealing, meaning you can see inside. But oh well, I just wear a cami underneath it instead.

I wore it out today and it was so nice to not have to fuss with a strapless bra, like I usually do with most of my spring/summer dresses.


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