Well, the sewing machine is back and in working order. Turns out a screw was loose in the inside mechanism of the fly wheel, and thus my problem when sewing. Of course, the ding dong who “fixed” my machine earlier this week should have realized this when he tried out my foot pedal to see if it worked, but I rest my case…

I’m moving in four days! Ahh! There’s so much to do before I pack up the car and head off, and I’ve been temping this week as well. So there’s even less time than planned, and most of my packing will be done this Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say, posting will be few and far between in the coming days until I get my feet on the ground and my stuff unpacked (and it also depends on the Comcast guy hooking up my internet!).

But oh, I have grand plans for my new sewing space….


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