Little Zipper Bag – Attempt 2

Little Zipper Pouch - Attempt 2

In this round, even more Michael Miller Ginger Blossoms fabric was used. Still don’t have everything right though….

Attempt 2 lining

Funny enough, this fabric was going to be the outside of the bag, but once I sewed it together, I took it apart and made it the lining fabric instead. Looks much better this way, but now the lining is interfaced instead of the outer fabric.

Zipper still a bit wonky...

This still didn’t turn out right the second time. I hate how the fabric looks all bunchy! I don’t know if it’s because of the interfacing or that I didn’t trim the seam allowances or what. Or is it supposed to be like this??

Much better this time.

The zipper turned much better this time but still, it’s not perfect. It needs to be so!

Here’s some hunches I have on how to make this turn out better for Round 3:

1. Use lighter weight interfacing
2. Interface the outer fabric and not the lining (it was a matter of circumstance this time)
3. Trim seams before turning the bag and lining right side ou

Any suggestions on how to get this bag look better are more than welcome!


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