Adventures in Dropping Stitches

Clapotis - WIP

There are few things that terrify me when it comes to knitting, such as steeking (I could never cut my knitting!), size 0 needles (I’ll never finish anything on those teeny things), and skinny, laceweight yarn (goes hand in hand with the teeny needles).  Taking on the Clapotis, a project that has been in my queue for years since it was published in Knitty, is tackling one of those fears: dropping stitches

Dropping stitches has a stigma attached to it: as new knitters, we learn to fear it because it seems like something that impossible to fix.  To all knitters, it’s sign that oops, you made a mistake.  So to incorporate the concept of intentionally dropping stitches into a design seemed to blow my mind.  How could it be possible that doing that wouldn’t backfire and ruin a loved project?

The Clapotis is such a lovely scarf and oodles of knitters have made it in the last eight years since the pattern was published – that should be testament right there that this is a project with risks well worth the result.  And you know what?  Dropping that first stitch was ok.  I may have panicked when I sent down the stitch to be dropped, watching as it created a ladder down the edge of my knitting.  But when it got to the very end of the column and stopped unraveling, I breathed a sigh of relief that my knitting didn’t fall apart, that the pattern designer knew what she was doing when she wrote the pattern.  Since then, I have sent many other stitches to their dropped-down fate and the outcome of each dropped stitch has been just right.  I will say, there’s almost a rebellious feel to it – it’s making what would traditionally be a mistake into an intentional action.  Take that, knitting perfectionists!

I can’t say that I’ll be tackling any of my other knitting fears soon…especially steeking.  I shudder at the thought of taking my scissors to something that I spent hours working on.

So you know what mine are now – what are your knitting fears?


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  1. Anonymous
    March 11, 2012 / 4:10 pm

    I am knitting a top and it calls for making a stitch every seven stitches. You are then dropping that stitch when you decrease or cast off. How do you find the made stitch after you have been knitting for many rows. Thank you

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