MMM 12 – May 25

MMM 12 - May 25

Me-Made-Item: Dress, McCalls 4868 (OOP)
Link to Original Review: N/A, made before I started my blog

Cardigan: INC

Wearability Report:

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of this dress in the past seven years.  Yes, seven years ago, during my first summer out of college, I stitched up this halter dress and have worn it just about every summer since then.  I think that speaks pretty highly to its wearability!  I forgot all about this dress last summer (buried somewhere in a closet) and pulled it out to pack for my vacation this week.  The only bummer about this dress is that since I made it so long ago (specifically after my freshman year…read between the lines on that one) I need to take in the sides quite a bit – it fits a lot looser around the top now.  My cardigan covers up the fact that in the back, my strapless bra is showing and there’s gape-age around the sides.  I’ll have to pick it apart when I get home (gulp!) and nip in the sides a bit so that it fits again and I can wear it all summer long.


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