Me-Made-May 12: Recap and Realizations

Me Made May 12 Collage

Well, I made it through my first Me-Made-May!  I only slipped up once during the week I was on vacation: I wore a Tommy Hilfiger shirt, sweater, and jeans because the weather was too cold and rainy for the dresses I packed in my suitcase (many of which I didn’t post pics of that week).  There’s a couple of things I realized about my sewn wardrobe this month:

  • I have a lot of warm-weather stuff, nothing much for colder temps
  • I love me some prints!  Lots and lots of graphic, loud, bold prints.
  • I need more sportswear – I make mostly dresses and I don’t have a lot of tops and bottoms
  • I have a lot of black in my sewn closet and black and white prints

The benefit of participating in the challenge is that it forced me to ignore my RTW store bought clothes, which I always gravitate towards, and spend time wearing the clothes that I put time and effort into.  Because really, we all should wear our handsewn clothes more and be proud of what we create.  I also know now how I should round out my sewn wardrobe and what kinds of items I should focus on creating so I have more of a wardrobe of clothes that coordinate instead of a closest of items that don’t go together at all.

Did you participate in MMM12?  How did you do?


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