Next on the Needles: Spring Garden Tee


Remember this?  This is my haul from shopping at Webs!

There’s something about summer that just doesn’t motivate me to knit at the speed I do in the winter time.  I’m guessing it’s because there’s so many cute summer clothes I want to sew and I’m not really inside watching Netflix and Hulu as much as I do when it’s cold outside.  At least I have my AC installed in my window now and can knit comfortably without having to deal with sweaty hands…

Anyway, my Gemini is getting very close to the end and I’m planning on that occurring this week.  I’m travelling today to New Jersey for work and have a four hour train ride down and a four hour ride back to Boston over the course of two days, so I anticipate that there will be much knitting happening on the train.  And as any smart knitter would do, I’ve packed the yarn for my new project, the Spring Garden Tee.

I’m not that optimistic that I’ll finish knitting the tee before the summer is over, seeing that I casted (is that the proper past tense?) on for my Gemini, oh, back in May, and I’m still not finished with it.  But I just can’t bear to start my Owls sweater in that heavy, wooly Rowan Cocoon that you see in the above pic.  Maybe once September rolls around…by then I’ve caught the “autumn bug” and want everything to turn cool so I can bring out my boots and jackets and cute sweaters.  Autumn is the one good thing about New England weather.


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  1. August 6, 2012 / 1:15 pm

    wow you have beautiful work; your adrenalin must go through the roof when going into these stores; the fabric and notions are stunning

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