A Weekend of Knitting and Baseball

It felt like the last weekend of summer this past Saturday (ok well, technically it was not, Saturday was actually the first day of fall).  It started out cool but got hot and sunny around noon, just in time for attending my last Red Sox game of the season with the boyfriend (my birthday gift to him).  And I got sunburned on my arm, too!  Didn’t see that one coming…


The game was a bust but we had a blast, eating Fenway Franks and slurping down over-priced beers.  Around the eighth inning we got up to walk around and hang out at the section behind home plate.  One of the security guards was nice enough to take our picture…we always take pictures of us for each game we go to together.  Three so far!

My Carnac sweater is so close to being done, and if I could have, I would have brought it to the game.  It would have been a little messy with mustard and peanut shells…plus the knitting needles may not have made it through security.  Anyway, the body is done and I’m on to the sleeves now.  I was a bit miffed that the pattern only called for “circular needles” and didn’t give a specific length.  Try as I might, I couldn’t do Magic Loop with the lace stitch pattern and had to run out to get size 10 DPNs and a 16″ US 15 circular.  So my goal this week is to have the sweater done and on my back by Saturday, which seems completely realistic based on how fast it knits up.

How was your crafty weekend?


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