Zombies Like to Sew, You Know…

chris and the zombie1_effects

chris and the zombie2_effects

This year for Halloween, we took a cue from a shared favorite TV show for our costume inspiration – The Walking Dead.  It started with going back and forth on different “couples costumes” we could do: Princess Leia and Han Solo, Decker and Rachel, Sid and Nancy.  Since time and budgets were tight, we decided to fall back on the zombie idea we had from last year, except with a twist.  I’d be the zombie, he’d be a zombie survivor.

chris and the zombie3_effects

I think his favorite part of the costume was the toy gun he bought a month in advance – seriously.  Boys will be boys, always.

chris and the zombie4_effects

Zombie looooove.

zombie skirt1_effects

I was having a bad hair day…

This is the skirt I made for my “Zombie Housewife” costume.  It’s from Vogue 8749 and is simply a circle skirt that comes in three different lengths.  This was my first time working with plaid (eek!) but it turned out pretty well, considering that the skirt was intended to be only for this costume.  I think I had an issue with the fabric being off-grain when I cut out the pieces and should have tugged the opposite corners to get the fabric back on-grain.  Plus, I think the bias contributed to some wonky stuff happening after I cut out the pattern pieces.  Instead, my plaids curve at the waist instead of being straight, but hey.  It’s a costume.

zombie skirt2_effects

Look at that matching plaid
I tried some new couture techniques based on what I learned from Gertie’s book as well as Claire Shaeffer’s Couture Sewing Techniques (review to come this week!).  Being my first time sewing plaid, it seemed easier to sew a hand-picked zipper and not risk the plaid shifting.  I loved it!  It was much easier and not as intimidating as I thought it would be.  I also used a grosgrain ribbon waistband facing, a finish that’s used in Chanel garments.  Nothing wrong with a little zombie couture.
After winning Best Costume at the party, I don’t know how we’re going to top this next year.  If I start way in advance, maybe I can get those Princess Leia and Han Solo costumes whipped up in time.  I’m thinking June…


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