2013 Top 5 Hits

Last year I participated in Gillian’s roundup of my top five favorite garments I made in 2012, so I decided to participte this year and also write some posts reflecting on misses and goals I want to set for 2014.

This year, between sewing and knitting, I made over 30 garments – a lot more than the 17 that are posted right now on my What I Made page (I still have some that need to go up!) and more than the 19 I made last year. Yay, productivity! My lack of garment photos will be included in my “Misses” post…

So, here’s my favorite garments that I made in 2013:

Eyelet and Silk Laurel Dress

Laurel party dress

I only wore this dress once last year, since it’s special, but this is definitely my favorite garment of 2013. Blue and green are my favorite colors, and I love how the green pops through the navy blue eyelet.

Faux Missoni Dress


2013 was the year of the Renfrew! I think I made at least five garments based off of the Renfrew pattern, and this one was one of my favorites – a hacked sweater dress.

Archer Shirts

archer 1

OWNED. #plaidmatchingpro

Had time allowed, there would have been many more Archer shirts. I was a little late to the party, but I’m so glad I got over my fear of button-down shirts and made this pattern. The above plaid, which is the only photo I have available right now via Instagram, is my favorite version so far. There will be many Archers in 2014, I have a whole stack of fabric from Mood ready to go!

Stripey Sundress

mccalls6752 2

I participated in the Spring Sewing Swap this year and was paired up with Sue of Sewin’ Steady as a swap partner, and she gifted me this great stripey knit fabric. The dress pattern itself would have been boring without a fun, mult-directional fabric to show off the bias direction in the top. I wore this dress to death this past summer, it was really comfy and easy to throw on with some sandals when it was hot outside.

Tiramisu Dresses

cape cod cake1

cake floral1

This pattern and I didnt’ get along initially, but these dresses were heavily rotated in my spring and summer wardrobe this year. They’re super flattering and comfy, and they don’t wrinkle. Plus, they layer well with cardis. I may add one or two more to my closet for next year.

For the most part, the theme this past year was all about wearability, which was a goal I had going into 2013. Most of what I made were sewing “cake” that I rotated frequently in my closet. I hope to continue this into 2014 and grow my handmade wardrobe even more!



  1. December 30, 2013 / 5:27 am

    Cute garments! I can see why you love them all!

  2. December 30, 2013 / 8:48 pm

    You did a great job this year! Over 30 garments? That is fabulous! And I have got to try the Renfrew next year!

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