NYC Is Just a Train Ride Away

Lovely YKK zippers in the garment district #nyc #sewing #imakeawesome

I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again: I love my job.  And not just because I go to New York on a regular basis and can sometimes squeeze in some shopping in the Garment District, but because I feel like I’m contributing to something tangible and I can see the results in my efforts.  Not all jobs are like that (I would know!), but it’s pretty gratifying to know you’re shaking things up and trying to get things to change.  I’ve never felt healthier or happier, mentally and physically.

So luck would have it that I was in NYC for most of last week, during some pretty shitty weather mind you, and managed to sneak in some fabric scavenging.  I think this was the most diligent and efficient I’ve been: I hit three stores total in one hour, and checked everything I needed off my list.  And it was snowing, too!


This is a new favorite store of mine that I stumbled into after I found some swimsuit fabric at Spandex House.  The aisles of zippers, oh my!  That’s where I took the first photo at the top of this post: every kind of zipper you can imagine, organized by color and length.  And they’re all YKK!!  I should have grabbed some, but I was so overwhelmed and there were so many goodies and notions to see in this store.  I ended up finding some high-quality swim cups for the bikini and Bombshell V.2 I plan on making this year and snagged some wooly nylon for stitching both.  When I have more time, I’m definitely going to linger longer and explore what else they stock.

Let's do this, palm tree spandex fabric #sewing #bikini

This is the print I’m using for my bikini for my trip to Florida in three weeks.  The fabric is great: it’s yarn dyed, so when you stretch the fabric, it doesn’t turn “white” like some fabrics do when the design is printed on top.  I also got some yardage of a turquoise/purple peacock feather print for a halter Bombshell swimsuit.

And I have plans to make a coordinating navy blue cover-up with Tahari Resort fabric I spotted at Fabric Place Basement

Thinking spring with last week's NYC fabric haul: rayon challis prints for some dresses (Lonsdale?), stretch cotton for a @byhandlondon Georgia

And a trip to the Garment District would not be complete without a stop at my most favorite fabric store in NYC, Metro Textile!  It’s hard for me to get there since the hours are M-F, 9-5ish, but it’s so worth it every time because I always walk out with exactly what I came in for.  Above, I bought two rayon challis prints (bottom left and top) – I think the paisly one will become a Lonsdale dress for the Florida trip; not sure about the other one, but it was too pretty to pass up.  The floral on the right is a stretch cotton that I’m making into a strappy mini Georgia dress, again for the Florida trip.

Funny story: Kashi, the owner of Metro Textiles who is nothing but helpful and quite the saavy salesman, told me that if I don’t get engaged wearing this dress, to come back to NY and he’ll marry me.  Hah!!  Chris: you’re on notice 😉

Hotel room #yoga antics #dancerspose

Aaaand I managed to get to a yoga class in the Upper East Side a few hours later (this was actually work-related).  Talk about a productive afternoon in New York!

Hanging out in my hotel in my @tarastiles @reebok_usa #cloudpants post yoga class at Exhale UES #nyc




  1. February 12, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    How fun! Glad you were able to sneak in some time in the Garment District! SIL Thread is my favorite place to get zippers. They'll shorten them for you to any length you need, too, and move the zipper stops and everything! Where else can you get a custom-length YKK zipper for $1.15?!

    Mr. Kashi is quite the personality! He once told someone I was shopping with that if she didn't like the next bolt he pulled out, he would jump out the window! She still didn't like it. Hahaha!

    • February 20, 2014 / 2:04 am

      No way, that's so great that SIL shortens zippers! I'll definitely keep that in mind for the future. I just stopped in there yesterday afternoon to poke around some more and stock up on zippers.

      Oh Kashi, he's one-of-a-kind!

  2. February 13, 2014 / 3:05 am

    So jealous 🙂 You got some good stuff there!

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