Wardrobe Architect Weeks 3 &4: Shapes and Silhouettes


It seemed easiest to combine weeks 3 and 4 of The Wardrobe Architect together since they’re both related – what shapes/fits of clothing do you gravitate towards, and how can they be mixed together to create different silhouettes.

This week seemed the easiest so far since I know what I like/don’t like to wear, which is much less challenging than trying to determine my core style!  I tend to gravitate towards:

  • Fitted pants, tops, jackets, skirts, and cardigans
  • Natural waists in my skirts, dresses, and pants (with the occasional high-waisted skirt and dress)
  • Scoop, boatneck, jewel, and crewnecks
  • A-line skirts and dresses
  • Any type of sleeve except for strapless and spaghetti

The slightly more challenging/fun part was putting together all of these elements to create different outfits.  The purpose behind this exercise was to begin thinking of “formulas” for future outfit combinations.  I really need to start utilizing Polyvore more for wardrobe planning, it’s a great tool for visualizing outfits!  For each “formula,” I came up with a fall/winter combination as well as a spring/summer combination.

Here’s a silhouette that I wear frequently: fitted jacket or cardigan, pencil skirt, riding boots for fall/winter. For spring, I’d wear skinny jeans, top (boatneck in this case), and a fitted blazer with wedges.

Wardrobe Architect #7

Wardrobe Architect #10

Here’s another one I find myself putting together a lot, because I like wearing dresses with layers – an oversized cardigan with an A-line dress, great for winter or spring.

Wardrobe Architect #8

Wardrobe Architect #2

Sometimes, I like a semi-loose jacket or sweater over a dress:

Wardrobe Architect #9

Wardrobe Architect #4

Last one, this one reversing proportions: looser on top and fitted on bottom.  I really like this silhouette with my skinny jeans.

Wardrobe Architect #11

Wardrobe Architect #3

Those are some of my most commonly worn silhouettes, which should serve as a good foundation for creating uniforms that can be varied over and over.  All of these outfits, I think, reflect back to my core style: colorful, feminine, confident, happy, and chic.  Actually, I want to start planning on sewing some of these outfits, I like them all very much!

There’s some more outfits I didn’t share over at my Polyvore page, I highly recommend using the site for figuring out how to wear what’s in your closet.  What kind of silhouettes do you tend to wear?


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