Back From The Sunshine State

We're here!! #florida #sunshine #palmtrees #nofilter

Sleepy boy #vacationlife

Drinking Duff beer! #universalstudios #orlando #florida

Universal globe #latergram #vacationlife #florida

This is how we feel about flying back to Boston tomorrow #nofun #lovethesun

Chris turned to me yesterday, our first day back from Florida, and said, “why did we trade 80 degree weather yesterday for snow today?”  It was true – it snowed for most of the day, and the sandy beach and warm breezes of Florida seemed like a distant memory.  Hopefully though, the days will get warmer and warmer as we get closer to spring (isn’t it crazy that Daylight Savings Time is this weekend?).

I’ve got some new, finished garments comin’ at ya next week!  Most of what I worked on in February was for this vacation, and I was waiting until our trip to photograph them in a warm and sunny location.  Stay tuned!


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