Me Made May 2014 – The Second Half

5/15 #mmmay14 Cynthia Rowley dress pattern made out of @lieslgibson fabric. Made this in 2011 and wore it once because the hem came out after washing. All fixed now! #sewing5/16 #mmmay14 Cake Patterns Tiramisu Dress. Had major fitting issues with this pattern but love wearing these dresses. Also, anyone else getting tired of taking selfies?? Don't know how the fashion bloggers do it every damn day. #sewing #diyordie #handmad

5/17 #mmmay14 Papercut Patterns sweatshirt and JCrew shorts at the beach #sewing5/18 #mmmay14 black tie front top repeat with JCrew shorts. Wasn't feeling this outfit too much today #sewing

5/15: Cynthia Rowley Dress | 5/16: Cake Tiramisu Dress | 5/17: Papercut Patterns Sweatshirt | 5/18: Tie-Front Blouse (unblogged)

5/19 #mmmay14 it's Monday and I'm tired of coming up with new outfits. Beginning of the work week means comfy Papercut Pattern sweatshirt I've been living in and my Michael Kors jeans.5/20 #mmmay14 no makeup, messy hair, but a cute dress from a Vogue Tracy Reese pattern. #sewing5/21 #mmmay14 @byhandlondon Victoria Blazer with matching green @reebok classic sneakers #sewing #matchymatchy5/22 #mmmay14 @grainlinestudio popover Archer, Michael Kors jeans, and @reebok classics #sewing

5/23 #mmmay14 self-drafted knit top, Paige jeans. I'm missing my RTW clothes very much! #sewing5/24 #mmmay14 nothing exciting, just a Renfrew and JCrew shorts. Got some pants fitting to do this afternoon5/25 #mmmay14 Lisette Jacket from Simplicity 1419, dress with fabric from last year's Spring Sewing Swap c/o @sue16565/26 #mmmay14 dress I made six years ago, when I started to get back into sewing again. Forgot how much I like this neckline, even though I have to wear a strapless bra #sewing

5/27 #mmmay14 not gonna lie, I only put this outfit out because the delivery guy was on his way with my dinner. Was in PJs for most of the day because work today was crazy with a capital "C!!"5/28 #mmmay14 Lisette Round Trip jacket, new McCall's 6711 shell (Marc Jacobs silk cotton!!), Gap jeans, @reebok classics. This may be my favorite outfit for the month. #sewing #handmade5/29 #mmmay14 Floral pants!! Simplicity 1696, fit is almost 100%. Absolutely love these, ready to rock them in the city today. 5/30 #mmmay14 Sailboat Jacket, new Sewaholic Belcarra Top in white eyelet. #sewing #handmade #diyordie5/31 #mmmay14 Papercut Patterns sweatshirt, Old Navy shorts, @reebok ZQuick sneaks. We did it guys, Me-Made-May 2014 is over!!!! #sewing

5/27: Papercut Patterns Sweatshirt (unblogged) | 5/28: Round Trip Jacket, silk cotton shell (unblogged) | 5/29: Floral Pants (unblogged) | 5/30: Sailboat Jacket, Belcarra Top (unblogged) | 5/31: Papercut Patterns Sweatshirt

Wow – I don’t know about all of you, but I’m glad Me Made May is over!!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy wearing my handmade clothes, but there’s some days when I don’t feel like dressing up (like the days I work from home) and I can’t stand taking selfies every day. 

This year was the hardest challenge yet, since I pledged that I would wear something handmade for each day of the entire month.  The first half of the month went really smoothly, but it wasn’t until week three when I started thinking uuuuggghhh I just want to wear my RTW clothes. 

After trying so hard to wear something new every day, I gave up and did quite a few repeats – my two Papercut Patterns sweatshirts got the most wear, since it was such a cold May.  I found some new ways to wear garments I didn’t wear a whole lot before, fixed up some ones that just needed a little TLC, and wore me-made pants for the first time!!  I definitely have some new favorite outfit combinations now with my me-made items. 

Here’s what I learned this year:

  • Need to make more garments for my lower half!  Especially pants – but I’m working on that
  • Not everything I make needs to be so dressy.  I got the most wear out of my two most casual pieces
  • Jackets – I love love love wearing them with my sneakers and jeans for work
  • And to go with those jackets, how about some cute tanks and shells?

Hooray, we did it!! Until next year, Me Made May…

How was your Me Made May? 



  1. June 3, 2014 / 6:47 pm

    Looks like you need to get bloggin'! 🙂

    Lovely round up of your me mades!

  2. June 9, 2014 / 2:51 am

    Oh, I should write my final post and summary about MMM!!!

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