First Wedding Dress Update

Today, November 17, marks 200 days until the big day.  That means there’s 200 days left for me to get my wedding dress made.  Ahhh!!!  I wrote in my newsletter (psst you should sign up!) a few weeks ago that I needed to buckle-down and fully commit to getting this dress made – I’ve been thinking about it so much to the point that I’m having dreams of showing up to my wedding and not having anything to wear.  That’s my sub-conscious for you…no more “sew-crastinating” with other projects.

This past weekend, I pulled out my dress muslin I made back in August and noted what needed to be fixed in order to get the fit right.  The neckline needed to come up at least an inch, the princess seams had too much fullness through the bust, and the waist of the bodice and skirt were too big.  After some fiddling around with pattern alterations, I’m really happy with the fit of the bodice.  It’s fitted, but not so tight that I won’t be able to sit down, eat, or dance.

The only problem I ran into this weekend was the time I had to sew vs what I wanted to accomplish on the dress…I  just couldn’t get everything done that I wanted to, and I’m not going to hit my self-imposed deadline of cutting out the real dress fabric this weekend.  On top of that, I discovered a mystery waistband piece that I didn’t use when I assembled my muslin, and it threw a wrench in my fitting plans.  More on that for another time when I figure out what’s going on with the skirts of the dress!

Are you on Periscope?  It’s pretty fun to see snippets of other people’s lives from around the world, and I’m enjoying sharing my sewing projects and what I’m working on with other fellow sewists.  The only downside is that the broadcasts are only good for 24 hours, and then they disappear (kind of like Snapchat).  However, my broadcast from Sunday was automatically saved to my camera roll on my phone, so I decided to upload it to Youtube and share it here! The screen grab below is oh-so-flattering…and if it appears like I’m reading something off of my phone, it’s because people watching the live broadcast can post comments and questions, so I was responding to some of those as I went.

Check out my video below to get a good look at my dress muslin and also see the fabrics I’m using for my final version – I also have some tips on working with Marfy patterns.

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  1. January 1, 2016 / 11:58 am

    Your video was fun to watch. One of the women in my sewing group loves Marfy and uses them often so I know a tiny bit about them but certainly would never attempt one 🙂 Congratulations to you for taking such a challenge on – all that fabric and the size of those patterns pieces without instructions! Yikes. But you will never love a dress you buy any where near how you will feel about this one!

    • Lucinda
      January 2, 2016 / 11:25 am

      Marty is a bit intimidating! I don’t think I’ll sew another one again, especially a pattern that’s complex (like a blazer) with lots of pieces.

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