Let’s Talk Tailoring – 1/23/16

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Hey there sewing lovelies!  Since this month is Coat Month on Sew Wrong, I thought it would be fun to chat wth everyone LIVE about one of my favorite topics to geek out about, tailoring.

I’m teaching a mini-workshop on Saturday 1/23 at 2PM EST about four of the most important tailoring tools you need to make a great looking coat and different ways to use them to get great results.  That’s right – this is a LIVE event (ahhh!!!) and I’ll be taking questions at the end of the workshop to answer any questions you may have about making coats.

Some topics that will be covered in the hour-long workshop are:

  • How to give structure and support to the most important parts of your coat
  • How to create smooth seams and crisp corners that don’t look rounded or bumpy
  • How to use your iron to get great results – tailoring is all about that steam!

Interested? You can sign up for your spot on this page here.

Hope to see you there!


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