My Story

Love it when people ask where you got your clothes, only to tell them that you made them? Yeah, me too.


I’m Lucinda Hamilton

I like to make things with needle and thread and show the world how easy it is to create a handmade wardrobe – without it looking like it’s “home-made.”

I’ve been sewing since I was 9, and my first foray into fashion design was cutting up old socks and stitching them into outfits for my Beanie Babies. Now, over 20 years later, I’m making a conscious effort to sew just about everything I wear in my closet, including the wedding dress I wore for my wedding in 2016. I’m passionate about sharing my sewing and blogging knowledge with other sewists.

I live close to Boston with my husband and a bunch of houseplants that are somehow still alive (the plants, not my husband, of course). If I’m not sitting at my sewing machine, I’m probably running on the trails near our house or swimming laps at the local pool.

You may have seen some of my stuff floating around on the web on places like Indiesew and have also been featured on Sew Daily, Sew Mama SewCraft Gossip, and Broke-Ass Bride.