If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have an, umm, obsession with coats. Being a New England inhabitant, it almost feels mandatory to have more than one coat to get through the seasons, and who wants to wear the same boring coat over… View Post

  Can you believe it’s December already? This year has flown by! As I’m making my holiday shopping list for friends and family, I’ve come across some sewing related goodies that made it to my wish list this year. ┬áMaybe they’ll be the perfect gift for someone on your list… View Post

  How was your turkey day? Mine was filled with friends and family, kids running around, and lots and lots of food – all the things that make Thanksgiving such a great day! I came prepared this year with a new jumper that disguised any kind of post-turkey-and-pie digesting that… View Post

      Ahh, it’s fall and grad school is keeping my busy like crazy. Whenever September rolls around, my sewing cadence grinds to a halt and it’s a challenge to find time to balance work, school, and my love of sewing. I think I figured out a little strategic… View Post

  I finally finished my last two garments for the Summer of Basics sew along – however, there was a change in plans along the way! Originally, I planned on making a Kelly Skirt since I don’t have a lot of skirts in my closet anymore (no idea how that… View Post