While I’m awaiting my fabric delivery from Gorgeous Fabrics, I’ll share some little tidbits from the fashion world today:

Lela Rose Resort 09

Love, love, love this dress! Very cute and feminine, but a little sporty at the same time. You might be able to meld the top of Simplicity 2925 or Butterick 5179 to the skirt of an A-line dress to get the same effect, and then piece in large bands of fabric for the cranberry and black sections. I’d use ribbon for the skinnier black sections and the waistband. And pockets! How adorable.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, British chain Topshop will be heading across the Atlantic in October to open their first US store in NYC at 478 Broadway. The store is supposed to look and feel identical to the original British store, no Americanizing. It’s a very similar fast-fashion concept as H&M in that there is a constant turnover of styles, but the pricing scheme is higher. Prices will not be adjusted for the American audience, which is used to getting items marked down or on sale. I’m really curious about the quality of the garments that are going for the prices they are on their website. The fact that the turnaround time on putting new fashions in stores is so limited makes me wonder if the quality is a notch higher than H&M or the same, just more pricey. I’ve gotten some great bargins from H&M, but most don’t last more than a season or two.

You can read more of the article here.


Article from the New York Times (might have to sign up to view)

While the big-shots of the fashion world have declared that as of the end of August the dress will be “out”, (And pants will be the new “it” item. How exciting.) I will still be parading around in my dresses, like many of the girls I see on campus on a daily basis. What’s funny is that there are quotes from retail analysts and consultants saying that they believed 2007 to be the year of the dress, and that sales of dresses have been growing steadily since then. I know when I was an intern last summer at Big National Department Store Chain, the dress department in our store always performed the best in terms of sales in the entire Women’s division, even performing better than all the stores in our district. When the first warm day of the year rolled around last week, if you were on campus or downtown didn’t have a dress on, you stuck out.

I think women are having fun with the dress, and I don’t see them letting go anytime soon for a pair of boring, masculine trousers. Sure, pants are great for fall and winter, since it’s usually too cool to bare one’s legs to the elements and probably when it gets too cold my dresses will go to the back of my closet. But for now, I’m savoring my dressesl