New chucks and hot pink socks. Need some color to energize my morning #uptooearly #inventorymorning

Gymin' it up today #cardio #exercise #gettingfit

Knitting and marathon-watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Hello, Reader-Friends!  It’s September and August has flown by….without any posting on here!  Or really any sewing, for that matter.  August was full of life-changing stuff and work, plus just a general end-of-summer, don’t-want-to-do-anything kind of attitude.  Sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and chill after a long day with my knitting!

In addition to landing a new job (exciting!!), I’ve been hitting the gym regularly and have found that to be a great way to stay energized during my day, plus it’s a great stress-release after frantic days at work.  However, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for sewing when I get home in the afternoon.  But don’t you worry, I’ve been finding some time to play with this:

My new baby #babylock #sergerlove

During tax-free weekend at the beginning of August, I BOUGHT A FREAKING SERGER!!!!  I have waited 10 years to finally have one to call my own, and it was so worth the wait.  I am now the proud owner of a Babylock Eclipse DX and love everything about it – especially the air-threading!!  I never thought I’d be able to afford a Babylock, but since this one was a floor model and is an older machine, I got a fantastic deal on it PLUS the store owner gave me a free wheely case.  That afternoon, I churned out two tshirts from my new serger:

Whipped up a @grainlinestudio Scout knit tee this afternoon on my serger, now moving on to a @sewaholicdotnet Renfrew

Make that two tees off of the serger today - this one is a navy Renfrew #sewinghappiness

There’s definitely a learning curve to sewing complete garments on a serger but I’m loving it so hard.  Now that I have one, I don’t want to buy clothes ever again! I can make ALL the clothes now in my little sewing studio.

Ogunquit, ME #nofilter #maineRock stacks #maine #marginalway

Salt water taffy galore #maine #perkinscoveVW #maine

Beach day! #Ogunquit #vacation #iloveithereBeach pic #Ogunquit #maine #lastdaysofsummer #lovethatboy

I have some time off between my jobs, so I visited Ogunquit, ME last week with my boyfriend and his family.  This is my third summer vacation to Ogunquit and I just love it there…it’s my happy place!

So now that I’m back from the beach and winding down my days before I start my new job, I’m furiously attacking my fall sewing list.  This is just a fraction of what is currently on my list:

My fall #sewing project list has begun

I think I’ll construct about three of the garments on that list this week – I’m almost done with my Archer, I just started the Victoria blazer this afternoon, and after I decipher my Clover muslin from earlier this year, those should be fast to sew.



Ahhhh….a whole week on vacation, visiting my family, and nothing to do but sew!  I figured this would be the week to tackle all of the summer sewing that I still have left to do, because come next month, I’ll be wrapping up all of the cute sundresses and skirts and moving on to Halloween sewing and fall dresses.  It feels like summer is only a minute in New England.

This is round two on a halter dress that I made about seven years ago.  It fit me fine then, but taking it out of my closet recently, I discovered it was quite big all around.  I knew going into this that I would have to make a muslin and start completely from scratch on this one.

Well.  I did get it to fit.


This muslin uses 3 sizes (!!) to get the right fit.  I tweaked everything on this puppy!  Took the sides in, let them out, added some width to the center back seam, cut part of the bust one size and the rest of it another. It ranges from a 8 up top all the way to a 12 where the waist starts.  I don’t think I’ve sewn a single garment as crazy-all-over-the-place as this one.  No wonder I have a hard time finding ready-to-wear dresses that fit me.  Ah, but that’s why we sew, right?  We get the garment to fit our bodies and not the other way around.

Don’t you love that fabric?  It’s a cotton I scored last week at Metro Textile in NY while I was coming back from a business trip.  It has a retro feel to it, which lends itself well to a halter-style dress.  It’s also pretty sheer, like a voile, so I’m lining it with a thin white cotton.  I need to get this done this week to wear to a wedding I’m going to in about two weeks.  Plus, when I get back to MA, it’s all about packing and getting ready to move to my new apartment.  I can’t wait!

So today is Day 3 of Sewcation 2012 and I’m stitching this baby up, plus also (possibly) starting a muslin on a easy-peasy empire waist sundress.  I don’t think the muslin is going to be that involved and all I’ll need to do is move the bust dart up slightly.  If I get these two dresses done, plus all of the cutting out/fusing/serging for two other projects, it’ll be mission accomplished this week.