Cavalli Knows My Work Wardrobe

Metallic black twill blazer, matching pants, and chiffon blouse
Just Cavalli at Neiman Marcus

Fashion blog Coutorture wrote recently about the advent of the blazer in this fall’s garment rotation, adding what a wonderful transitional and versatile staple it can be in a woman’s closet this coming season.

“Blazers are undeniably making a comeback and it’s not just the long lean sort either. Whether it’s a marching band-style coat or a sleek smoking jacket, the silhouettes options are dynamic. Perhaps because we’ve been immersed in menswear lately, we’ve been getting pretty excited about this diversity.” Read more here.

Well hooray for me, because that’s pretty much all my wardrobe will consist of when I start my job at Big Retail Chain in August. Even more so, my outfits have to consist of all black with 10% color. That means lots of black blazers over colorful blouses and shells, or maybe just wearing all black with a bright belt or funky colored shoes. Cavalli apparently got the memo and created the perfect work outfit for me, available at Neiman Marcus. And hey, he’s even included a cute blouse with a bow.

Happy weekend, kiddos, I’m off to NYC!


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