MMM ’12 – May 6

MMM 12 - May 6

Me-Made Item: Skirt (taken off of a failed Vogue 8663 dress pattern)
Originally Reviewed: N/A

Top: INC
Necklace: J Crew
Belt: thrifted

Wearability Review:

I always forget about this skirt in my closet, so this challenge served as a good reminder to dig it out!  This wasn’t even supposed to be a skirt, it was originally slated to be a dress that ended up looking quite unflattering with the waistline sagging down from the weight of the fabric.  The fabric was way too pretty to waste, so I chopped off the skirt of the dress and made a narrow elastic casing at the top.  I also left the hem raw since it doesn’t curl up.

The skirt is a flattering length and I’ve worn it with a top tucked in and a belt (to hide the elastic waist) or with a shirt over the skirt.   Even though I was a little dressy looking in a skirt, I was so comfortable wearing this for what my boyfriend and I did that day – ran out to grab some coffee, walked around the park, watched the Red Sox lose to the Orioles (booo). The only annoying thing with wearing the skirt with a belt is that I have to make sure that the belt doesn’t creep up during the day, exposing the elastic waist.  Other than that, I’m happy that I turned lemons into lemonade with this skirt.


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