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Cambie so far, just hanging out on my dress form. #sewing #dressmaking

Well hi there, Blogland, just poking my head in here to say hello and what’s up???  My whirlwind of travel for work is finally over (for the time being) and I’m now home for the next week before I pack up to head to PA for vacation at my parent’s house – boy, do I need a vacation!  I’ve been missing my sewing, since it’s been few and far between in the last two weeks, but I wanted to share what I’ve been cooking up so far.

I *finally* made a Cambie after my failed attempt last year, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I just need to sew the hem, which is all wonky right now – hence why I’m procrastinating on sewing it, haha.  I think the sides need to be taken in a bit to get a closer fit, but I’m also liking that it’s not super tight on me…we’ll see.

I think this dress will go along with the theme of #oonapalooza this month: maxi length, bright colors, and a saucy halter neckline. It will be complete if I manage some inappropriate pattern placement. #sewing #sewcialists

This paisley rayon was also supposed to be destined for another Sewaholic pattern, the Lonsdale dress, but just as I was about to cut out the fabric I realized that the print is directional – the paisleys either curve up or curve down, depending on which way you look at the fabric.  With the need to have the skirt pattern pieces flipped to fit onto the fabric,  I would have had the paisley print going one way on the front and another way on the back – I’m glad I caught it!

So now, I’m using this gorgeous fabric for Simplicity 1800, another pattern from their Amazing Fit collection – I really like this collection of patterns, it makes fitting so easy when you pick out pattern drafted based on body type (I’m making view C, the halter maxi dress).  As I was cutting this dress out last night, it occurred to me that it’s perfect for the Oonapalooza sewing theme this month – it’s loud, a maxi length that Oona like to wear, and I just may manage some inappropriate pattern placement!


Other happenings:

That’s it for now!  Off to squeeze in some more sewing this evening…TGIF tomorrow!

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