Summer of Basics – Alder Shirt and Maritime Shorts

Alder Shirt 1

I finally finished my last two garments for the Summer of Basics sew along – however, there was a change in plans along the way! Originally, I planned on making a Kelly Skirt since I don’t have a lot of skirts in my closet anymore (no idea how that happened). But after wearing the Maritime shorts I made last summer so much this year, I changed my mind and made a new pair of shorts instead of a skirt. I love how both of these garments turned out!


Alder Shirt 2

Let’s talk the shirt first: I altered my original Alder Shirtdress pattern to make it into a plain shirt by following Jen’s tutorial on the Grainline blog.  I tried on my dress I made earlier this spring and liked the length at just after the sixth button, so I altered the hem and shortened it to that length.  The only alteration I didn’t take into consideration, and will on subsequent Alder shirts/dresses, is raising the bust dart up.  See, when I made my shirtdress this spring, I used the upper part of the Archer shirt with the bottom as the Alder dress to make my pattern, I never used the bodice portion of the Alder pattern.  If I had, I would have noticed that the bust dart hit below my bust and needed to be raised, like I usually do on patterns with bust darts.  I don’t know why I didn’t do that alteration this go-around, but now I know – d’oh!


Alder Shirt 3

Isn’t this fabric the cutest?  It’s a cotton poplin I bought at Ribes y Casals in Barcelona this spring.  It was one of those fabrics that just jumps out at you and says, “take me home!”


Alder Shirt 4

I cut out these Maritime Shorts last year at the end of summer and put them to the side until warm weather rolled around this year – I’m glad I did! These are made out of a navy blue pique from Fabric Place Basement and go with so much in my closet.  Navy is creeping in more and more this year and I like it as an alternative to black, especially in the summer.  Anywho, I made this version of the Maritime Shorts with back pockets this time and used a button closure I found in my stash.  Jen, if you’re reading, I hope you come out with a pants pattern because these fit 100% perfectly without any alterations!  I guess I could always blend the shorts pattern block with another pants pattern…but still, a girl can wish 🙂

This sewalong was a lot of fun and added some needed basics into my closet.  I think I’d like to do a sewalong like this for every season, and it’s good to become aware of the gaps in your wardrobe.  For fall, I’m focusing more on bottoms than I usually do – more to come on that!


Alder Shirt 5
Patterns: Alder Shirtdress, altered to a shirt; Maritime Shorts
Fabric: cotton poplin from Ribes y Casals, cotton pique from Fabric Place Basement



  1. August 19, 2017 / 10:02 am

    I’m also a huge fan of Grainline patterns (have one on the way now – the cardigan). Love your makes! I’m with you on navy – I’ve always loved it (that a LONG always 🙂 I’m 62) and buy it in all the natural fibers I can. I just wanted to mention that your “shares” strip of icons down the left side sit RIGHT on the left side of your text all the way down. This is annoying and probably stops many people from bothering to actually read the text you write. Just a heads up that you should move that icon to the right side of have it “floating” it moves as you scroll to spots where there is no text. You go to so much trouble to write, photo and edit your blog posts it’s a waste if people can’t actually read it 🙂

  2. August 20, 2017 / 1:40 am

    I remember years ago someone made pants from that shorts pattern by just extending the legs. As shorts, the pattern does already cover the all important shaping over the rear so I think it might work. However, I agree with you and would love it if Jen released a pants pattern or a second skirt pattern.

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