Fandango Top

This is the resolution of the Fandango Dress Disaster.

Fandango Top

I was able to salvage the skirt and make a drop sleeve top. Pretty simple, only four seams to sew and just some edge finishing with my twin stretch needle. The fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics (of course), and the pattern is an old McCalls pattern from 1984 that my mom had kicking around (it’s older than I am!).

This is not up to my usual photographing standards, so I apologize. It’s just that I had it on today and I remembered that I had yet to post it. I packed it for a trip I took this weekend and it came out of my suitcase looking perfect and was extremely comfy to drive in.

And yes, I’m 22 and I keep stuffed animals on my bed. Deal with it.


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